“Everything is connected in life; the point is to know it and to understand it.”

Artwork by Gillian Wearing

As a teenager, I had this postcard by Gillian Wearing up on my wall, and it’s always stayed with me. Especially when I think about food. I thought of it when I applied to do a Masters in Gastronomy, and again, at the end, when presenting my dissertation, as it was especially relevant to the themes of participatory artwork and food as a creative medium.

Food connects us to culture, the environment, it can be thought as simply fuel or fetishised for pleasure. It’s complex both in its form; its relationship to our bodies – both physically and psychologically; its journey from pre-production to post-consumption, and in the politics which informs that journey. I studied Gastronomy at Queen Margaret University which seeks to critically examine some of these fundamental elements of food by providing a unique interdisciplinary and experiential education.

As a designer, I like to find innovative ways for people to experience and learn about food, possibly in ways they hadn’t thought about before. In this site, I aim to share some of the projects I have been involved in that have sought to connect people to food, both through research and with practical projects. My ‘words’ section is a space for experimental pondering and personal reflection, and as such, it is likely to be sporadic. But that’s all part of the process…