Food connects us to culture, the environment, it can be thought as simply fuel or fetishised for pleasure. It’s complex both in its form; its relationship to our bodies – both physically and psychologically; its journey from pre-production to post-consumption, and in the politics which informs that journey. 

As a designer, I like to find innovative ways for people to experience and learn about food, possibly in ways they hadn’t thought about before. Within this site, I aim to share some of the projects I have been involved in that have sought to connect people to food, both through research and with practical projects.

My ‘words’ section is a space for interviews with other creators, experimental pondering and personal reflection, and as such, the frequency of the posts are likely to be sporadic!

I love to collaborate with other creatives and was delighted to find a kindred soul in illustrator Eleanor Daisy Atkinson who created this beautiful sculpted paper artwork for my website, featuring some of my favourite seasonal summery foods. If you’d like to collaborate with me or explore the connection between food and design, please do get in touch!

playing with food
Image by Eleanor Daisy Atkinson for food/play/food