Steph Marsden enjoys thinking about, writing about and playing with her food. Not only a messy eater, she believes finding fun ways to ‘play with food’, or our perceptions of it, is a great way to learn more about the complex nuances of what we eat, and its relation to culture, the environment and our global food system.

Steph studied design and cabinet-making at Adam Smith College, Kirkcaldy and was awarded the Haldane UK Design Scholarship in 2007. Her passion for craft and design soon encapsulated food, and she completed an MSc in Gastronomy in September 2018, awarded with Distinction.

Experience Design, Education and Events

From mobile bike kitchens to themed film nights, Steph has a wide range of experience in planning and running events centred around food, culture and the environment.

She takes a holistic approach to Food Design; designing meaningful experiences that help re-connect and engage people with food, sourcing locally and sustainably wherever possible.

If you would like to collaborate or have a bespoke event designed, please do get in touch.


Do you dream of quitting the day job and turning your hobby into a passion? Or maybe need extra help with branding, selling online or social media?

With over 10 years experience of working both freelance as a designer/maker, as well as within independent retail, Steph is well aware of the challenges of developing and marketing sustainable artisan products – be it craft, design or food. Please contact her using the form provided or via if you would like to discuss your business requirements.