September 2016: SFYN Tank: Really Designing Sustainable Kitchens, Toolbox coworking, Turin.

“From the home-kitchen to professional kitchens, to mobile kitchens in outdoor markets. The experience of cooks within the SFYN network who prioritize waste-reduction and honouring ingredients can start to mobilize with designers in dictating how to redesign the kitchen for restaurants, schools, hospitals, street dining, and the home. What are potential tools, methods, business practices, and spatial arrangements that improve energy usage, reduce food waste, encourage local economy, initiate social, contextual interaction, maintain hygienic standards, and achieve holistic sustainability of where food is transformed?”

Learning from design

I attended as a delegate and with a diverse group from around the world, led by, we took a multidisciplinary approach to the problem of the workshop including perspectives from chefs, philosophy, designers, social entrepreneurs and producers using the principles of Design Thinking. The ‘Tank’ aimed to make use of multiple brains in ‘pressure cooker’ processes, triggering fast idea formation and planting seeds of inspiration and collaboration that can grow into more established networks and projects at a later stage. Read more here.