November 2015 – September 2017: Slow Food Youth Network Scotland, Coordinator.

 I co-ordinated the Slow Food Youth Network in Scotland for two years, the Scottish contingent of a global grassroots network of young people who campaign for good, clean and fair food for all, and part of the larger international Slow Food movement. 

SFYN Scotland loves to get people who are interested in food (and where it comes from) together to investigate, to learn, have fun, share and enjoy food! Asking #WhatTheFood was a way of encouraging more people to come on this journey with us, both in person at our special events, and online via our social media campaign.

Through our “What The Food?” campaign and event series we aimed to create opportunities for people to ask questions and learn more about the food system in a social, informal and fun environment. Across the years, we ran a series of events providing insight into how food is grown, processed, sold, distributed, engaged with and eaten in Scotland. In doing so, we hoped to encourage everyone to ask questions about our food system; how we got to where we are today; and what future we might want for our food.

Highlights included a screening of Food Inc; Sensory Supper, a trip to Pilot Beer to learn about brewing, discussing literature about food over lunch; exploring coffee and milk with Mossgiel Family Farm and Dear Green coffee; trying to uncover the facts behind the controversy about sugar; hosting members of the Dutch Slow Food Youth Network Academy programme on their visit to Scotland and much, much more…occasionally including dancing!

Find out more about Slow Food Youth Network Scotland here.


photo by  Jelmer Jeuring

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