Food Talks – Think, Talk and Design, an initiative of the MSc in Innovation in Science and Culinary Arts and Master’s in Food Design. The project Food Talks – Think, Talk & Act won in 2019 the Best Educational Project of the Hospitality Education Awards.

View the full season of talks by food and design creatives and researchers via the Food Design Master’s website. My talk on ‘Untangling Food System Complexity with Food Design’ can be viewed here:

Part One: Presentation

Part Two: Q & A


Works Featured 

Bompas and Parr – Cake Holes, photo by Jo Duck 

Project Gastronomia event ; Shift Food System Diagram 

Gillian Wearing, Signs 

Ana Gutman Design 

Eduard Pages Rabal  Squid Inc 

Jihyun David – Save food from the Fridge 

Marije Vogelzang – The Eggchange 

Centre for Genomic Gastronomy  – Brexit Banquet

Vessels and ceramics featured: Silo London/Potters thumb – recycled glass bowl; Pascal Baudar (wildcrafted ceramics); Maurizio Montalti;  Maria Roy; Emma Sicher (peel to peel) 

Steph Marsden and Harry Josie Giles – Autodineur 


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