Lickable Cities

“Non-methodological, non-theoretical and impractical interventions.” In Western society, as etiquette dictates, we’re urged from a young age not to lick our plates after eating. Certainly, it’s frowned upon to go around “licking everything in sight”. However, this is just what the ‘Lickable Cities’ research project aims to do with their self-declared international “impractical research community”…

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A Spoon A Day

I spent most of the winter working with my hands, making bespoke jewellery for Silk Purse, Sow’s Ear as part of their seasonal staff – a return to making, after a year of reading, thinking and writing. After deciding to close my jewellery-making craft business in order to concentrate on my food studies and having…

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Killing, Cooking, Writing

It’s an early morning and you’re getting into a car with two strangers. As a non-driver you’re grateful for a lift, because you’re going to the sort of location in the country that is hard to find on Google maps. A fact which reassures you that it’s probably going to be an interesting place and…

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