A Spoon A Day

I spent most of the winter working with my hands, making bespoke jewellery for Silk Purse, Sow’s Ear as part of their seasonal staff – a return to making after a year of reading, thinking and writing. After deciding to close my jewellery making craft business in order to concentrate on my food studies and…

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“Everything is connected in life; the point is to know it and to understand it.” Artwork by Gillian Wearing As a teenager, I had this postcard by Gillian Wearing up on my wall, and it’s always stayed with me. Especially when I think about food. I thought of it when I applied to do a Masters…

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Who am I?

This isn’t my ‘About’ section, you can find that here. Instead, it’s a bit of a revelation into what kind of things make me tick… I’ve described myself as ‘a bit of a magpie’ in the past, and it’s fair to say that professionally I’ve done quite a range of things – a music geek…

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